Privacy Policy

This service may be used for the purpose of sharing important news and information when immediate access to broadband or mobile internet is not available. All messages shared using this service will be immediately available on the public board located at

The following section describes the data policy of the board service (The message board hosted at


The owners of this website maintain a copy of data that is generated during the use of this service. This data includes the full phone number (or “Sender ID”) associated with each message, along with the text content of the same. When using the broadcast service located at, the phone numbers associated with all messages will be masked by default - displaying only the last four digits. We do this to protect the privacy of individuals making use of this service, while also allowing visitors of the board to be able to distinguish whether messages have been sent by different users of the service.

In cases of emergency, the owners of this website may use the phone number associated with a particular message for the purposes of coordinating with the sender. The owners of this website will not use or disclose any data for the purposes of advertising, or any other purposes leading to any kind of commercial gain. Further, data generated in the course of usage will not be retained for a period of more than seven days.

We make use of the Google Docs service to host our board spreadsheet. At the point of insertion of data into the spreadsheet, all phone numbers are masked. Lastly, we make use of an SMS provider ( in order to allow users to broadcast messages on our platform. The data and privacy policies of the SMS provider differ from ours, and can be accessed at


This service is intended for use by individuals affected by network shutdowns, who wish to share important news or information with those who can access internet services. Messages containing inflammatory content, such as those containing incitement to violence, may be removed from public view on the board. The reason for deletion would then replace the content of the message.


In case of any questions regarding the data policy or usage of data collected through this service, please write to